About Us

BLOC is an on-demand delivery app for Cambodian people. It is a new mode and new platform enabling people to make a purchase daily consume products in a few clicks anywhere, anytime with their items will be delivered at their doors instantly by our delivery partners. Once downloaded and installed, the user can start creating their personal profile, putting their contact number and immediately being able to make a purchase of the items from our selected merchant partners by selecting the items to their personal cart, inserting the address, and clicking confirm. Our system will make an alert to our merchant partner. Our delivery partner, will then get an alert and make a delivery your parcels to your location.BLOC is currently operating under TK Capital Plc. which our mission is to build a platform to bring the convenience to people using innovative & modern technology to bridge what’s missing to our customers’ daily lives.
Our Features
Login/Authentication. A phone number is needed to authenticate the users.Two ways orders. This includes the ability to place an order in App or add order manually via calling to support & customer service center. The basic information is needed includes addresses (drop-off locations), user’s info, product info. Users can make phone calls to contact the driver partners after the order has been accepted by merchant partners, or cancel the order before merchant partners accept the order.Nearby matching algorithm. Users can match the order with the closest delivery drivers and merchants, based on location or current route.Order tracking. Users can track the status of the package.Multiple delivery address options. Users can add multiple delivery address based on location they are frequently based at (e.g. company, home, etc.)Payments. We use manual payment methods. This means that users will manually pay money in cash when our driver partners arrive with the items.Rating system. Users can star-rate, give feedback or comment for merchant partners, star-rate driver partners and provide satisfaction feedback of the items they will get.Multi-category outlets. Merchant partners are listed in multi-categories and sub multi-categories. Partners can be restaurants, food & beverage outlets, baby mart, pharmacy & lifestyle stores, stationery outlets, bakery stores and grocery marts. The main criterion of collaboration is the quality for the products and the most purchased places voted by customers.Personal profile, including order history, rating, preset personal info (name, gender, profile image, phone number, address).Push notifications. Users will get notification alerts when the order is on the way or has arrived.Search engine. User can search for merchant partners listing on the App, and search products they want to make a purchase.Best shop. We highlight outlets with top star-rating from customers and the most sell in our merchants list.Top Rated. Users can use the power of the crowd to see what items to order. We use star-rated system to give suggestions of what to order.Best Sell. We highlight outlets most sold items so user will know what’s hot on the menu and feel confident in what they are ordering.Favorite merchants. User can put the star to list the merchant partners as their favorite shops.New Release. New products released in the menu of the shop owners.Recommend. Products that are recommended by the shop owners.Additional features Loyalty and features such as discounts.